Editing Research Paper Checklist

However, you should first check your university’s policy; in some cases, such practice may be considered plagiarism.When it comes to hiring an essay editor, you have two options.

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It may surprise you, but you will definitely notice some awkward mistakes and spots that are not as perfect as you thought they were—sometimes, your mean to right one word but you spell it Ron and don’t even notice!

This final part of the writing process is called essay editing, proofreading, or revising.

The simplest software solution is the spell checker that is built into your word processor.

Though these spell checkers are good at detecting mechanical mistakes, they usually do not pick up on incorrect homophones and commonly confused words.

Having a second pair of eyes always helps, especially if you find it difficult to spot your own mistakes.

Best Common Application Essays - Editing Research Paper Checklist

Most likely, your university also has a writing center that will help you revise your essay.

You can hire a freelance editor from platforms such as Upwork, or you can seek help from professional agencies such as that also provide editing and proofreading services.

If you do decide to hire an essay editor, there are certain things you should consider to get the best return on your investment: Alternatively, you can also use editing software, although you should use it with caution and not rely on it completely.

Also check that every paragraph has a clear thesis statement.

Once you have looked at the ideas presented in your essay, it’s time to move into the smaller details. In other words, concentrate on the aesthetics of your work.


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