Drugs And Abuse Essay

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The use of opium became ramped in the United States as well.

Eventually the government began to recognize the problem and put laws in place to regulate drug use (Carroll, 2002).

Chemical substances that are psychoactive are usually used to achieve the desired state of being.

Still others resort to using methods of fasting or subjecting the body to a rigorous test of endurance.

By the time of World War II was in existence, drug abuse had basically come to a halt, and was not an issue as it was previously. Marijuana and psychedelics were popular in the 1960’s and was more widely accepted.

Because of this newly, wide spread use, the government began to create federal agencies to aggressively enforce the federal laws that were in existence.There has always been a desire to find the meaning of life or to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and purpose in life.Some people feel so strongly about this that they resort to chemical substances in order to comprehend the world of the supernatural.With all these items and so many varieties to choose from, the American public soon becomes desensitized by the over stimulation to the senses.Many of our children are bombarded with this type of mental stimulation and they soon become bored.These laws were put in place to regulate illegal drug use.Soon after the 1970’s were here and so was cocaine.In today’s society we are often stimulated by audio and visual stimulants.For example, the vast variety of video games, computers, television, DVD’s, and CD’s, are all geared to satisfy our desire for audio/visual pleasure.During the 1970’s cocaine use was considered the drug of choice, it also brought along with it a new surge of violent crimes and increased addiction.There are many different factors in our society that have contributed to the support of drug abuse and drug use.


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