Drug Abuse In Schools Essay

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Secondly, and perhaps the most significant, is the problem of drug related crimes.

18) A more effective means of preventing drug use among young people is an urgent need.

Today, prevention consists mainly of ‘Just Say No’ messages broadcast on TV or preached in the classroom.

(Decriminalization Article, 1992, p.2) At present, almost 700, 000 people a year are arrested for the sale or possession of pot. 14) Although marijuana possession may not entitle jail time, why are the basic drug laws being broken?

In reality, one of the main reasons rampant crime is associated with drugs is the drug trade’s great profitability.

Charisse was charged with conspiracy to deal drugs, and she received the minimum sentence required by law – ten years in prison with no chance of parole.

The sentencing judge said that he regretted having to mete out such a harsh sentence to a first-time, nonviolent offender.The money involved is so ready, so substantial, that dealers can always find another recruit to take the place of someone who has just been caught.For those imprisoned, for use or for dealing, incarceration does little more than harden them. They come out of prison only to involve themselves again, and this in turn accounts for the system’s high recidivism rates.Not always easy to define, harm reduction generally holds that the primary goal of drug policy should not be to eliminate drug use but rather to reduce the harm that drugs cause. The government will be able to save costs in the fight against drug crime lords.Those who can be persuaded to stop using drugs should be; those who can’t should be encouraged to use their drugs more safely. If it is OK to use certain drugs responsibly, the underground drug rings may fall apart.According to the PFDA, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the average age teens first use inhalants is thirteen.This statistic is mind-boggling and surely something must be done.By looking at these five issues in detail and considering possible solutions, an overall answer can be found.Firstly, illegal drugs seem to have found a younger target audience.In 1995, one in three high school seniors, one in four sophomores, and one in six eighth graders used marijuana.(El Sohly, 1995, letter to editor) ‘Right now anyone, any 14-year-old who wants drugs, can usually find them within minutes almost anywhere in the country [United States].’ (The Nation, 1999, p.


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