Dream Paper Essay

Dream is held in the area of our mind when we are asleep. Some people feel that they are taking delicious dish and sweet fruits in their dream. A mathematician often gets the right method to -solve a difficult sum in his dream.

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They do deep research and experiment to create medicines. I plan to keep studying hard and practice researching.

I plan to be active in school and participate in programs that support the Health sector.

My parents expect a lot out of me, and I think I have done a good job so far.

My dreams are what keep me going; they are an object for me to strive for.

Because dinosaurs as a species are already extinct from the world.

After a moment, the dinosaur forgot the friendship and began to yawn.

I hope to volunteer for health centers in my community.

With these plans, I hope that step by step I can be successful in achieving my dream job.

After I have a doctorate, I plan to get a job working for a company under their research division.

I hope I can lend a hand in finding new, more effective ways of administering drugs to patents. Hopefully by the time I get a house, I'll have a wife and can start a family.


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