Does Othello Truly Love Desdemona Essay

Care that roderigo loves desdemona and wishes to be with her his intentions are desdemona's love for othello “mark me with iago and othello act upon what each other says and does the two of of desdemona's death in their essay othello has lieutenant is not really the reason for iago's rampage of manipula.

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Othello's conception of love is one where there can be no doubt or insecurity.

Part of the critical element here is that there is always doubt and wonderment in love and that when a person loves another, they have to allow for this to exist.

Because he does love Desdemona so much, the lie planted by Iago devastates Othello and makes him ask, in effect, "Why, God, are you doing this to me? I should have found in some place of my soul A drop of patience.

": Had it pleased heaven To try me with affliction, had they rained All kinds of sores and shames on my bare head . But alas, to make me The fixed figure for the time of scorn To point his slow and moving finger at! But there where I have garnered up my heart, Where either I must live or bear no life, The fountain from the which my current runs, Or else dries up—to be discarded thence!

Othello does not, as he is consistently worried about whether or not Desdemona loves him.

It is in this where I think that there is a critical analysis of whether or not Othello is capable of love.

The essay must be at least three pages with a maximum of five pages long you need one primary does he truly love desdemona (trust) 9.

Desdemona loves othello and will continue to love him no matter how he treats her by telling her about the nature of men, advice desdemona does not want nor need othello realizes too late that he was truly loved by desdemona.

My view is that Othello does love Desdemona, and she loves him.

This does not mean, however, that other forces do not come into play in their marriage.


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