Do You Write Scholarship Essays In First Person

Do You Write Scholarship Essays In First Person-25
A college scholarship essay is different than an academic or admission essay.

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Paying someone $100 to write your essay when you can use that to pay for two textbooks your freshman year makes little sense.

The real issue is that if you write a good enough essay to get into college, you will likely move onto the interview portion of the application process.

Instead, begin by either giving an overview of what you’re going to talk about, or start by describing a memorable moment in your life. Give the reader a good first impression of yourself as soon as possible, as these judges usually skim essays looking for key points and words.

Remember what we said about scholarship judges skimming your essay?

Proofreading is one thing, but don’t expect anyone else to write your scholarship essay for you. So if you’re thinking of using a single template for all your applications, think again.

All throughout your high school years you were told to write an essay using the standard five paragraph structure. It’ll be against your benefit to limit yourself to a strict template for several reasons: Your essay writing must be passionate and personal, something that is not condoned with standard five part essays.

By following our instructions, your writing will become more confident, and you'll improve your chances of writing a winning scholarship essay.

As the cost of college keeps getting higher, more and more students apply for scholarships everyday. Here’s the thing: Your scholarship essay can make or break your application.

In this article, we'll help you understand and follow the rules of scholarship essay writing.

We'll walk you through the process of writing an essay - from choosing a title to editing the final paper.


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