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The "Rinascimento" Libguide is a joint project that brings together resources from the former "Rinascimento" Research Guide of Harvard College Library and the "Guide to E-Resources for Renaissance Studies" of the Biblioteca Berenson, Villa I Tatti.

The guide is conceived and maintained by Dr Angela Dressen, Andrew W.

Coverage depends on the date a university began online contribution of their abstracts to University Microfilms International (now Pro Quest).

Also, for many European universities the contribution of abstracts was the responsibility of the student and therefore may not have been included.

One of them was from Steve Stein, saying that he hoped my visa issue would be resolved and that he’d try to catch me play when I re-schedule.

It was only at the end of the mail, when I saw the link to his site that I realized who it was actually from.

I said to Dan, ‘I’ve just received a really nice mail from Steinski, but he looked at me with a puzzled expression. To build free societies you must limit the control of the past.

Despite having been a child at the time, Dan has quite a good grasp on early-mid ’80s dance culture, but it was clear he’d never come across this name before. These are, of course, related to a maxim I often quote myself; ‘to know the future first you must know the past’.

Today it might be Girl Talk who’s the name on everyone’s lips Stateside, but the new breed of mash-up maestro owes much to Steinski, and Double Dee, and all those who subsequently evolved the form. : A Remix Manifesto’, a documentary film made in 2008 by Canadian Brett Gaylor, was illuminating and thought provoking, touching on the same issues highlighted by the previous year’s ‘Good Copy Bad Copy’, and the current online 4 part video series ‘Everything Is A Remix’, which I blogged about back in September: Emphasizing how, in the Western world, innovation is being continually stifled by commerce, which controls culture for its own financial gain under the banner of ‘intellectual property’, ‘Ri P! To be of true value it must connect subjectively, for this isn’t just head stuff, it needs to somehow touch the emotions for it to properly register.

: A Remix Manifesto’ outlines a quartet of central tenets: 1. If you want to enthuse a younger generation of people to explore further, this information should be packaged and presented in a way that has context in the times in which we live, so it helps join the dots between then and now, as Steinski did so ingeniously by using the Hip Hop medium to relay one of the key moments of recent history – the assassination of John F. This is why Remix, Cut ‘n’ Paste, Mash-Up and Edit are tools for invention and advancement, helping create that past / present fusion that is key to moving things forward. :_A_Remix_Manifesto Double Dee & Steinski Wikipedia: A Certain Ratio, Afrika Bambaataa, Andy Connell, Aretha Franklin, Big Apple Production Vol 1, Bits & Pieces III, Bobby O, Bomb The Bass, Brett Gaylor, Broken Glass, C. D, Casablanca, Coldcut, Craig Bevan, Culture Club, Cut ‘n’ Paste, Dallas, Dan Smith, Danny Krivit, Deep Space, Disconet, Divine, Double Dee, Ed Mc Mahon, Edit, Electro-Funk, Eno & Byrne, Everything is a Remix, Fiddz, Fiorello La Guardia, Forevereaction, Four Days Than Shocked The World: November 22-25, François Kevorkian, Girl Talk, Good Copy Bad Copy, Greg Wilson, Harry Taylor, House Of Fun Weekender, Howard Johnson, Humphrey Bogart, Ike Pappas, Illegal Art, intellectual property, Jaap Eggermont, Jellybean Benitez, JFK assassination, John F.


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