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I guess the next question would be: which limitations should I mention?Look, it is extremely difficult to describe all possible types of research limitations.

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However, here are some examples: Once you are done thinking and considering the limitations of your work, a simple question may arise: Where in my thesis should I include such limitations?Statistical limitations can also stem from study design, producing more serious limitations in terms of interpreting the findings.Although these three types of limitations are often connected, it helps to consider these three categories separately to ensure you don’t miss anything.Please note: there is no specific format to this and it may vary from supervisor to supervisor, and sometimes certain universities may have their own guidelines.But USUALLY, the limitations are the VERY LAST section of your thesis, and they appear after the MANAGERIAL RECOMMENDATIONS. Because as mentioned above, the limitations may be due to any section of your work. Now go ahead and be honest with the limitations of your work! Please note: All the suggestions here are personal, according to my own supervision style.The procedures you have available or specific constraints on the study population may ultimately affect what outcomes you can obtain. Another type of limitation to consider is what we might call an impact limitation.Even if your study has strong design and excellent statistics, it can suffer from limited impact from factors such as a strong regional focus, being too population-specific, or the field being only conducive to incremental findings.One of the most important but often underrated of these details is the limitations section of your manuscript.While you may be reluctant to discuss any flaws of your study, it’s important to provide accurate context for your work and give readers sufficient information to properly evaluate the relevance and impact of your results.There are also likely to be some key differences in your approach when writing conclusions.Certainly, conclusions will be even more important in a dissertation or thesis, purely because of the length of the piece.


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