Dissertation Biographical Sketch

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The above example is far too casual and Scott’s work and current position are overshadowed by all the other random details.This can be written in a much better way: Scott Sampson is a professor of Wildlife Biology at North Yankee University.Even when the grantmaker does not specify the format, the biographical information should be limited in scope and carefully prepared, and should focus on information relevant to your research career.

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His work focuses specifically on the migration patterns of antelope and their impact on the growth of native grain.

His favorite place to do research in his backyard, which opens to the Akron National Forest.

This improvised version is concise, relevant, and makes Scott’s bio appear professional while giving a short description of his personal details.

For longer bios, follow the same basic rules, but go into a bit more depth about your work, your education, and your future projects or interests.

You may also consider adding a line about your immediate family.

Dissertation Biographical Sketch

But as always, leave the personal details for a short and friendly mention at the end of the bio.The information on this page, the letters of support (if required), along with the quality of the preliminary data and experimental plans in the application will be critical during the committee’s evaluation of the applicant.The Biographical Sketch or CV included in a grant application is a different document than the resume you would prepare to apply for a job or the academic CV you maintain to document your full professional career.How do you sum up yourself and your work in 3-5 sentences? I did my undergrad degree in biology at SUNY and my masters and UCLA and my Ph D in Forestry at Hunter College. I was originally born in Vermont and now I’m a professor at North Yankee University in Fargone, New York (in upstate New York).When your journal article gets accepted or you are preparing for a public presentation, you will often be asked for a short academic biography. I study antelopes’ migration patterns and their impact of native grain growth.For many people, these academic bios are more difficult to write than a dissertation. My interest in antelopes began as a teenager when I first saw one in the wild.Most members of the committee will be looking at your CV some time during the review, especially if someone raises a potential problem or asks a question about the your expertise.The reviewers need to be able to find the information they need rapidly and easily, which means it needs to be where they expect to find it and in the format they expect.Politics and International Studies, SOAS University of London Supervised by Laleh Khalili The 2016 Malcom H.Kerr Dissertation Committee in the Social Sciences received 19 nominations for the award. Russell of East Carolina University who served as chair, Marwa Elshakry of Columbia University, and Arang Keshavarzian of New York University.


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