Discursive Essay For Capital Punishment

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Today, capital punishment most likely has other goals, such as revenge.

It violates human rights, which is why a growing number of people are against this type of punishment.

We don’t steal from the thieves, or rape the rapists. It would appear to condone the crime by repeating it.

It would be a wanton cruelty.” (140) Why do we murder the murderers?

“Judges and juries can convict the innocent, as we know from the case of Donald Marshall, jailed for more than a decade for a murder he did not commit.”(143). Several times the same crimes are committed and different sentences are given out.

Most crimes end up with criminals serving jail time. Because they were only sent to jail and not sentenced to death their sentence can be reversed. A black man may receive the death penalty while a white man can get imprisonment.

However, the statistics show that it does not have as many positive effects as expected.

For instance, among the 25 states of the US with the highest crime rates, the death penalty is legal in 20 of them (Tures).

There are numerous debates about the death penalty, as the opinions on this topic differ in different countries of the world.

Most countries have abolished the death penalty, but there are still countries where it is used.


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