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Discipline At Home - Essay-45
5) There are two types of discipline first is “Induced Discipline” which we learn from the indiscipline of others.6) Second one is “Self-Discipline” which is generated in our own mind and helps us to control our behaviour.

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5) It is also believed that a disciplined life is necessary to be a good citizen of the country.

6) It helps to generates self-confidence and self-control in our life.

2) Being in discipline means following a set of certain rules, regulations and showcasing a proper code of behavior.

3) A disciplined lifestyle always leads to success, be it academic, health, business or profession.

It is the most important thing which helps us to progress in our lives.

We have provided ten lines on discipline in English.

9) Respecting others and being obedient is the principle of discipline.

10) Discipline in language helps us to talk with people in a decent and respectful way.

7) We can see discipline in nature also; summer, monsoon and winter seasons come and go with their time.

8) It was the discipline of Mahatma Gandhi which led the way of the nation to achieve independence through non-violence.


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