Disaster Recovery Plan For Small Business

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See how Microsoft Office 365 can protect your business as well as improving productivity.From a fire started by a carelessly tossed cigarette to a building demolished by a hurricane, physical damage to could either mean the end of your business or be a temporary bump in the road, depending on your disaster planning.Better to contact a valued supplier and tell them what has happened, rather than letting them read about it in the paper or find out from one of your competitors.

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Concentrate on what's most likely first." RH: "Some owners are put off by the seeming enormity of business continuity planning, but you can start small and develop it over time.

You should have something in place." KK: "Carry out a risk assessment first to identify threats, then think about their possible impact on your business in different scenarios.

The final step is to test your plan, by practicing and improving where possible.

Your employees should know what roles and responsibilities they have following different disaster scenarios." RH: "Good communication with both should be built into your plan.

And ‘recovery' - does it mean back trading again, or being as profitable as you were?

They're two different things; achieving the latter can take much longer." Richard Harrison (RH): "According to the Association of British Insurers, research suggests that 80% of businesses that suffer a major incident collapse within 18 months.Creating procedures to minimize the effects of and recover from a man-made or natural event revolves around preparation, communication and documentation.The first step in creating a disaster recovery plan is to list possible disasters that could severely damage your business.The gold standard is being able to recover without customers even knowing something bad has happened." RH: "If you've established a good relationship, customers will show some goodwill in the short term.As time goes on, you may lose some if you're still recovering." KK: "Yes.You must plan for all likely eventualities, because they have different consequences.And loss of your whole business is different to loss of stock, for example.And it can be less costly if you know exactly what you need to do, when and how.Better outcomes are more likely if you have a plan.So, what action do you take to be able to make sales again?Business continuity planning refers to the longer process of repairing your revenues." KK: "Absolutely.


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