Disabled By Wilfred Owen Essay

Disabled By Wilfred Owen Essay-26
The two words “lifetime lapsed” makes the reader feel guilt for sending all those young men to war as they didn’t come back with pride but with misery.At this point of the poem, the tone shifts to nostalgia.

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Owen emphasises this stanza by making it different from all the others, he does this by making the stanza bigger by using more lines and focusing on the happy part of the man’s life.

He does this to show the background and explain life before enlisting.

He wasn’t even afraid of fear itself, he thought he’d be strong enough to not feel it as ‘no fears came yet’.

Before he could think about what he was really doing he was already drafted out to war.

This is a contrast with the second stanza, where “Town used to swing so gay” and “glow-lamps budded in the light blue trees”, this creates an atmosphere of romance and excitement.

This suggests that this feeling of happiness will merely be a memory and something he will not feel again.The consequences are always left out and never truly understood until the last moment.After the war finished he wasn’t greeted with applaud and didn’t receive the same admiration as he did when he played football.Owen glorifies football and then compares it to war.This is ironic because they are completely different. When “a blood-smear down leg” it makes them feel like a man compared to war where the physical contact leads to disablement and death.People forgot his accomplishments and didn’t care about what he’d been through. Only a solemn man who brought him fruits him; and then inquired about his soul.’ From all the people in his town only a simple fruit seller gave him any notice but all it was was pity, he didn’t really understand what the man went through.The man saw the soldiers of Austria and Germany, not as individuals but as a country.‘Germans he scarcely thought of; all their guilt, Austria’s, did not move him’, only after the war would he realise that the soldiers of Germany and Austria were just like him, individuals with a life to live.He didn’t have to beg; they wrote his lie”, this shows that army officials do not mind as they need men with that state of mind.Owen highlights this stanza because he wants to show how much false hope and pleasure is told for people to join the war.


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