Different Types Of Research Papers

Different Types Of Research Papers-68
Argumentative Papers Argumentative papers focus on presenting two sides of an argument, backed with sources for both sides of the coin.

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Then the writer is tasked with analyzing these viewpoints, explaining the methodology and the results of the research they are analyzing.

The different, however, between an analytical and argumentative paper is that the writer does not voice their opinion regarding the sources they are analyzing.

It is due to this that many students do not perform well when crafting an argumentative paper.

Analytical Papers Analytical papers are quite similar to argumentative essays in that the writer is expected to present several viewpoints pertaining to a topic.

Analytical Papers Analytical papers are similar to argumentative papers in that you are expected to present many differing viewpoints on a certain topic.

However, where they differ is the fact that you are not presenting your own viewpoint.

Argumentative Papers In an argumentative paper, the writer presents both side of an argument, and then proceeds to choose one side using justification through their research.

This type of paper can confuse many students, as they are expected to present both sides of an argument, yet still take a side.

Reports, like definition papers, usually avoid showing any opinions or emotions, and are based pure on providing the reader with facts, usually to make a decision based on them.

Reports usually include an executive summary, which replaces the abstract section you usually find in an academic research paper.


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