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The next experiment uses single photon counting to detect individual phonon emission and absorption events within the nanomechanical oscillator.

The scattering of laser light from mechanical motion produces correlated photon-phonon pairs, and detection of the emitted photon corresponds to an effective phonon counting scheme.

Building on domestic experiences, case studies and criminal law theories, her research hopes to provide a fresh outlook on the question of reparations for victims of international crimes, in international criminal proceedings and beyond.

Miriam pursued her Ph D research while working full-time as an Associate Legal Officer at the International Court of Justice.

It then examines the leading International Criminal Court (ICC) decisions on reparations and dwells upon whether some aspects of criminal justice (e.g.

standard of evidence, rights of the accused, prosecutorial discretion, etc.) give rise to tension concerning the civil nature of reparations.

I will then proceed to describe a few experiments enabled by the fiber couplers.

The first studies the performance of an optomechanical resonator as a precise sensor for continuous position measurement.

Trained as a philosopher, Marx turned away from philosophy in his mid-twenties, towards economics and politics.

However, in addition to his overtly philosophical early work, his later writings have many points of contact with contemporary philosophical debates, especially in the philosophy of history and the social sciences, and in moral and political philosophy.


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