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Biological determinism is a theory that tries to explain a person’s behaviour and other aspects of life in relation to his or her genetic makeup.This theory was encompasses the work of various prominent scientists such as Mendel, Charles Darwin and Francis Galton.You can view samples of our professional work here.

It is also logical to assume that the environment and the surrounding enforces some traits and leads success or failure of an individual in a society.

It is from this mode of thinking that sociologists have formulated their theories on human behaviour and societal interaction.

Biological determinists therefore believe that men in the society are dominant because they are intrinsically more aggressive and rational than women.

According to this theory, biologically inheritable material and not the surrounding environment determine division in the society (Carolan, 2005).

The external environment contributes greatly to the behaviour of a person in the society.

In fact, according to sociologist the surrounding environment solely regulates behaviour.

Raine’s experiment only focused on the innate factors while it ignored the external factors such as the environments that may control the behaviours of an individual.

Biological determinism also focuses on reductionism. Reductionism views individuals as divided into hierarchical groups.

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