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Understand opinions about the final evaluated scores and conclusion from multiple individuals and consider those who agree with the derived results.There are multiple measuring tools available for research design but valid measuring tools are those which help a researcher in gauging results according to the objective of research and nothing else.

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It is a highly practical research design method as it contributes towards solving a problem at hand.

The independent variables are manipulated to monitor the change it has on the dependent variable.

If the correlation coefficient is towards 1, it indicates a positive relationship between the variables and -1 indicates a negative relationship between the two variables.

In the diagnostic research design, a researcher is inclined towards evaluating the root cause of a specific topic.

Elements that contribute towards a troublesome situation are evaluated in this research design method.

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In exploratory research design, the researcher’s ideas and thoughts are key as it is primarily dependent on their personal inclination about a particular topic.

is implemented in cases where a relationship between collected data and observation is established on the basis of mathematical calculations.

Theories related to a naturally existing phenomenon can be proved or disproved using mathematical calculations.

Numbers provide a better perspective to make important business decisions.

Quantitative research design is important for the growth of any organization because any conclusion drawn on the basis of numbers and analysis will only prove to be effective for the business.


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