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Nouveau Estonian cuisine is seeing innovative chefs taking the staples of the Estonian food culture and elevating it in a lovely way, focusing on the season and locally sourced (think mushrooms, berries, kale, plus game meats and seafood).Beyond Estonian, dining in Tallinn includes a fair bit of Russian influence as well, owing to their proximity, the former Soviet connection, and the large number of Russians still living in Estonia today.

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Oh my gosh, you guys, Babulja is kind of one of my secret favorite places in Tallinn.

It’s a super casual Russian tea house/cafe concept open for lunch and dinner.

The menu includes a range of Russian fare but blinis are the stars here, with options for savory or sweet varieties.

These aren’t your traditional Russian blinis; these are super thick and doughy, like nothing I’ve ever had before, with a choice of sourdough or buckwheat.

International cuisine is available and seems to be an ever-growing area, including in areas like Telliskivi, Tallinn’s ‘Creative City’ where you’ll find taco trucks, Mexican restaurants, and quirky cafes.

Let’s put it this way: when it comes to dining in Tallinn, no one’s going hungry.

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Menu planning is undoubtedly a lengthy process but highly imperative.

We visited on our first trip to Tallinn (when we couldn’t get into R 16 for lunch) and loved it.

I didn’t feel like we compromised on food, service or experience by going to Vaike instead of Rataskaevu 16.


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