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What if you’ve created a white paper, however, and it isn’t getting you any results?

If you’re a marketing pro, you probably already know how to write a white paper filled with compelling content.

Even if you don’t have any design experience, the right background image can instantly make your white paper look more polished and professional.

This is a simple yet effective trick to keep up your sleeve, so you know how to write a white paper which impresses your readers.

As you can see in this how to white paper example, there’s a whole section which highlights the key takeaways in the report.

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Because it’s right on the front page, it’s hard to miss, which is a nice touch., so it’s unlikely that every reader is going to sit down and read it cover to cover as they would a novel.

There’s a reason why white papers are considered a marketing staple.

When properly executed, white papers can not only help boost your authority and solve problems for your clients and stakeholders, they also can be powerful lead magnets.

) For example, the cover page for this cyber security white paper illustrates its topic—phishing scams—with a hook icon.

Further, the cover introduces a circle motif which is used throughout the white paper, to give it a cohesive design.


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