Define Self-Esteem Essay

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However, some individuals who derive their happiness from some other source such as spiritual beliefs may not find their degree of happiness impacted by the low self-esteem. Many people with low self-esteem experience anxiety, especially social anxiety.

Frequently, this is a consequence of the social evaluative aspect of self-esteem.

It generally corresponds to the level of competence an individual feels. For instance, a person might feel quite capable competing in a particular sport but may not feel competent speaking in front of a group. Our sense of satisfaction and contentment with life is usually derived from how we feel about ourself.

As a result, overall self-efficacy may not be completely accurate as it is assessing an individual's general feelings of competence across a variety of situations or tasks. For some people, low self-esteem may contribute to depression and even inability to function in life.

Or a boy who is constantly picked on by his older brothers: "How stupid! " He may come to believe these labels about himself.

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Unfortunately, people who believe certain labels will often live up, or live down, to those labels.Frequently they feel that some flaw within them means that they are not worthwhile or deserving.For many people I have worked with this flaw is not something visible to others but something magnified by the person with low self-esteem due to past experiences.In other words, we tend to evaluate our self based upon comparisons to other people. Most people who have low self-esteem feel inferior to others.In addition, many people are concerned about others' evaluating them and assume that others will see the same flaws and incompetencies that they see within themselves. They believe that they don't measure up to some standard that others meet.Most frequently this is directed at the self but it can also be directed at other people. Individuals with low self-esteem often determine goals and direction in life based upon what others might want or need.They often feel that their needs or desires are unimportant. This negativity may not always be externally observed but internal self-talk is usually negative.However, this group is not the focus of this article.One way to make the distinction is that people who have low self-esteem and feelings of superiority will often have other characteristics of low self-esteem such as unhappiness or anxiety. Another characteristic of low self-esteem is a tendency to be impatient or easily irritated by mistakes, flaws, or inadequacies.For instance, "I don't have a good sense of direction" can be just a statement of fact without feeling good or bad about it.Self-esteem is the regard or respect that a person has for oneself.


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