Deduplication Research Papers

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That is, even if encrypted, the same data must be stored only once in the cloud, and it must be able to control access by other users based on the policy of the data owner.

Existing secure deduplication techniques do not support access policy based encryption.

The authentication tag is generated by the private cloud functioning as the authorized server, and the private cloud possesses the privilege private key corresponding to the user’s privileges, which are not distributed to the user.

Therefore, users with the same privilege information can generate the authentication tag identifying deduplication, so deduplication is possible. applied an access privilege to compute a convergent key [9].

Therefore, one of the important issues of the CSP is how to efficiently manage the ever-increasing data.

One of the important techniques to solve this problem is deduplication.

There are two kinds of ABE schemes: Ciphertext-Policy ABE (CP-ABE) and Key-Policy ABE (KP-ABE) [11].

In KP-ABE schemes, the ciphertext is associated with a set of attributes while the user’s private key is generated based on his corresponding access policy, while in CP-ABE schemes, a user’s private key is associated with a set of attributes, and ciphertext is encrypted under a specified access structure [12].

In the current cloud computing environments, access policy-based encryption (typically ABE (Attribute Based Encryption) scheme) and secure deduplication are widely adopted separately.

However, the standard ABE technique does not support secure deduplication, a technique that helps save storage space and network bandwidth by removing redundant copies of encrypted data in the cloud.


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