Dd-Wrt Assign Static Ip

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Certain streaming services will function more reliably if you block specific IP addresses on your router.

Certain streaming services will function more reliably if you block specific IP addresses on your router.

To block specific IP addresses on your DD-WRT router, you’ll need to set static routing rules.

These rules ensure your network traffic will not flow through the IPs you specified.

Every needed to manually control host/domain IPs using the hosts file?

Well, good thing most computers have a hosts file, but what do you do with other devices that do not support such a feature.

Once logged into your router click on the "NAT/Qo S" tab.

This week I configured a network with two routers and multiple subnets using DD-WRT. This following graphics represent the physical topology of the network. First step is to replace the stock firmware by a DD-WRT firmware.

If you don't know it you can check our list of default router and modem password list here. For 'IP Address' put the local IP of the computer the ports will be forwarded to.

If you have changed it and don't remember it you may have to reset your device to factory default using the reset button on most routers.

I have also upgraded my router from the WRT54G to a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 with DD-WRT firmware.

Not surprisingly the DD-WRT interface is the same on both units.


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