Data Analysis Section Of A Research Paper

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It is assumed that, the environment is observed through stereo vision technique.The observed environment covers semi circular area in front of the Robot. Introduction of the Discoveries: Begin by stating all the major findings in the course of the research.

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• Explain the meaning of the findings, as every reader might not understand the analysis of graphs and charts as easily as people who are in the same field as you.

• The reader should be able to understand the key observations without being forced to go through the whole paper.

Example : Table 2 compares some of the well known prediction techniques with our fuzzy predictor with MOM defuzzification for response time, relative error and Environmental constraints.

Based on the results obtained it can be concluded that the Fuzzy predictor with MOM defuzzification has less relative error and quick response time as compared to other prediction techniques.

An introduction to the research writing process is to help ease the nerves of writing a research paper.

In this guide there will be useful information to help produce a working paper.The discussion should have this major factors listed before beginning to describe about how the research was conceived and the sequence of developments that took place.Example: Robot navigation system has to handle large amount of uncertain data in real life environment.The navigation environment is presented in the form of Prediction graph where x axis represents the Range parameter and the y axis represents the Angle parameter.The predicted Angle and Range values are compared with actual values obtained from real-life environment In most of the cases the predicted values are in the region of the actual measured range and Angle values. illustrates some of the results obtained for path prediction using MOM defuzzification.Here are the major elements to keep in mind while writing the discussion section; 1.The Relevance of the Research: The purpose of every research is to implement the results for the positive development of the relevant subject.The guide will show you how to get started, what the abstract is and why it should be included in the research paper.It answers what to expect when writing the introduction, and give insight into a literature review.The prediction algorithm is tested by processing the real life video frames (which are captured at every interval of 02 seconds).It is observed that the predictor with MOM defuzzification performs better in terms of response time and less relative error.


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