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SEO Considerations of the “Thesis Options” Section Left Side Keep in mind, Thesis is made for you. Other choices are yours to make, and bleed into the realm of “if you really want to maximize your online presence” – and these latter can have drawbacks to consider.

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Suffice to say that if you post “the same page” twice, search engines will reduce the power of one or both – that’s bad for SEO. Showing previous/next post links on Single Entry Pages is a good way to help spiders and crawlers find all of your content, especially if you are upgrading an existing content blog to Thesis.

First-time publishers with proper pinging, site maps, deep-linking, and other fundamentals may not to do this, but it’s a good way to improve average pages/visitor and reduce bounce rates, in addition to indexing and crawling benefits.

and he continually works in the Thesis community to implement suggestions and consider wish-list feedback.

In short, Thesis gives you every core SEO function with a “no coding needed” initial setup/install.

Skipping across options here, it is advised that you “check” every option to nofollow and noindex.

The brief reason is this deals with concepts of duplicate pages and site power-shaping, which is out of scope for this tutorial.

This will occur on your home page based on this Thesis option.

If you have carefully considered your site name and title, it’s a fine idea.

Thereafter, you’ll get right-there access to SEO fundamentals, each and every time you make a new post on your Word Press blog or domain. Initial installation is well documented elsewhere on a technical level.

Thesis gives you the most powerful “white hat” SEO functions and avoids confusion, overkill, and a number of novice pitfalls. There is no other product available that provides concepts such as validating code and quality SEO right out of the box. Good, you either have Thesis already or can smarten-up and buy it now. There are also many great “advanced user” and “moderate user” tutorials out there, a list of which we’ll toss at the end.


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