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Sure many themes out there let you customize your twitter account or upload a logo for your header, but Thesis is different.This powerful platform will allow you to make tons of adjustments from including pages in the navigation bar to selecting a custom CSS style-sheet.

I can easily take any installation of the Thesis theme and make it look super.

The “hooks” system makes natural sense, and I am acutely aware of “what does what” and which hook should be called to make custom PHP functions that deliver strongly for my clients.

need a new header, side bar, buttons and headers -upload my background image -create a matching Facebook look and feel and help me get oriented with it -help me with the blog’s seo Agree.

He’s a kid taking huge leaps and bounds and someone i’m backing. His forum is excellent, much like the Thesis forum and Sean is a real asset to the team as well.

There are many places where you can find Thesis skins and they are available both for free and for purchase.

This ability makes Thesis great for bloggers who don’t want to spend anytime customizing their site or need some extra features that are available via other skins.Having working with a variety of people, some who are completely new to Thesis, some who were new even to blogging and Word Press, I’ve yet to find anything but success and full satisfaction in my own work – from my perspective, and from that of the client. I really liked the outcome of this one, it was a great learning experience to code new functionality.Thesis Designer Portfolio: represents my best work on Thesis, and is probably the most memorable — even famous? My first client after taking the plunge into freelancing, and I think this made a great start for me.Given my personal success with my own Thesis-themed blogging work, I bring experience to my clients not only as a designer and developer of Thesis, but as a blogger and growth-minded individual.Because I only freelance on Thesis designs, my specialization means I bring customization for others that is fast, efficient, and effective.Here is a quick screenshot of one of the admin setting pages so you can see more or less what they look like.The control panel is really clean and makes use of drop down containers so everything is nicely organized and you can find what you need without having to scroll down forever.It is a code and design Framework built around Word Press that delivers a rock-solid SEO website code plus design flexibility that requires no knowledge of HTML or CSS to make customizations to your website’s design.The Thesis Admin Panel is what makes this platform truly stand out (in my opinion).And it is also a great for web designers who are looking to use the Thesis Framework for all their clients.While any theme or site can be edited for Search Engine Optimization many are not optimized to start with.


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