Current Political Situation Of Pakistan Essay

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Khan: Pakistan needs to maintain good relationships with its neighbours – Iran, Afghanistan, India and China – and pursue a policy of rapprochement with the West. dollars being invested in its military, the government in Kabul along with the U. and other allies, still have not managed to defeat the Taliban. now seems prepared to consider negotiations You want negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan and many people criticise you for advocating talks. Do you really believe that the Pakistani military establishment has no involvement in Islamist groups in Afghanistan and Kashmir? Pakistan has suffered a lot; we have lost 70,000 people in this war, which we had nothing to do with. Everyone knows that India is being ruled by a Hindu nationalist, Narendra Modi. He′s more interested in derailing the peace process, than seeing it through.

Imran Khan: I would say they are completely unjustified: Pakistan is moving towards democracy.

The pillars of democracy are transparency, accountability of leadership, free and fair elections, independent media and an independent judiciary.

Pakistan’s system is ill-equipped to make changes which would avoid future excessive debt.

A bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is probably the safest bet for the country although it is unclear whether the United States will support the program.


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