Cupcake Bakery Business Plan

And they will try out new recipes the moment they hear about it from their favorite food blogger.However, for you to get positive remarks, the quality of your pastry and the services need to be top-notch. 5 Sponsor Community Events or Groups Sponsoring community events is not only a great way of giving back to the community, but it also gives you free publicity.You need any advertisement for your pastry shop as long as it is positive.

For example, if someone types, ‘yummy cupcakes around me’ on the internet, there are higher chances of them clicking on the bakery websites that are top 3 on the first page. Clients believe that the first three or four companies that appear when you search are the best.

It is your goal as a company to be in the top positions.

Don’t shy from seeking other people’s opinion and advice.

People see and translate things from differs angles, and their opinion could be just what you needed.

All these issues should be carefully addressed in the business plan from the beginning to avoid future misunderstanding.

A business plan also helps you to raise money for the business.

A good website should also have quality and unique pictures, creative layout, and correct theme colors that represent and identify with your bakeshop.

3 Learn more about getting restaurant reviews Reviews are critical because they offer credibility to the services you have provided.

You could over discounts, points or coupon which they could renew the next time they make an order. Let your potential clients know that your current clients are pleased with your services. 4 Invite a Food Writer to Review Your Bakery In the marketing world today, influencers have a significant influence on how much traffic a company can get.

Incentives are a great way to encourage clients not to forget to leave reviews. Inviting a food blogger to your cake shop is an excellent BAKERY MARKETING PLAN that more bakers are embracing.


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