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The difference is that the 24 hour news cycle means there is an overwhelming amount of information out there and it never stops flowing.

That makes it challenging to unpack what is real and what is not, especially as social media became the top news source for  claimed to be unsure about the truthfulness of data they see in the media. However, millennials are just as likely to believe false news stories.

From the basics of thinking and reasoning to advanced problem solving techniques, our critical thinking resources cater to students preparing for A level and IB Diploma exams.

Through our critical thinking books and digital resources, learn how thinking can be used as a skill.

On the other hand, it is also used to deflect from legitimate stories by politicians and others who want to paint any critical coverage as false. Tabloids have been pushing false stories for decades.

Newspapers and television news outlets have been guilty of showing their editorial bias a bit too much as well.

What is more, almost two-thirds of the respondents indicated that the average person cannot tell good reporting from a rumor or fake story. One might think it’s the less technical savvy Boomers who fall for this. Worse, millennials are known to spread the news by liking and sharing.

One sign that the story you are reading or watching is valid is that the author’s or journalist’s credentials are clear.

You should easily be able to tell who is presenting the story, what organization they represent, and how they are qualified.

You should also be able to back track from the link to a reputable home page.


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