Critical Thinking Practice Exercises

Critical Thinking Practice Exercises-60
Closing your mind to external opinions may make you miss out on such solutions.

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Then read on as I share with you practical steps to developing your critical or strategic thinking skills.

Now what is critical thinking and strategic thinking?

You must never reject anything outside your reality.

You must keep your mind open and absorb as much external information as you can regarding the situation at hand; then you can proceed to analyze, filter and process the acquired information.7.

Learn to control your emotions The fifth step to strengthening your critical thinking skills is to gain stronger control of your emotions.

Critical thinking is a thing of the mind and it can’t be harnessed if your mind is clouded by external thoughts.

That’s why Andrew Carnegie said that the first prerequisite for success is to concentrate your thoughts and your energies on the task at hand.

And here is the prime condition of success, the great secret.

In its simplest of terms, critical thinking is the concentration of the body and mind on a situation or problem; with the aim of finding a solution. Critical thinking is one of the important business skills every entrepreneur, manager or CEO must possess.

The reason is because critical thinking is crucial to strategic planning, decision making, risk analysis and problem solving in business.


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