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For example, “Act only according to the maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.” For more information, visit the Categorical Imperative. For example, read the following sentence: Now read the sentence again, this time read it backwards. The UFMCS uses this as the single most important idea to enable critical thinking.Imagine you can physically remove yourself from your body and objectively view how you make decisions. This is essentially solving problems by working backwards. For example, prior to taking on an issue, we should first think independently and reflectively, then write down our thoughts (which assists us in shaping and refining them), then share them in a disciplined manner. Boyd described a thought experiment in a presentation called .It is similar to Swarm Intelligence, where we use simple rules to allow the collective intelligence to emerge.

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However, do not confuse the word “simple” with “simplistic” as the OODA Loop uses simple rules within a complex system (which is exactly what the OODA Loop is). The OODA Loop is similar to Double-Loop Learning, where the goal is to modify decision-making in light of new experience.

Double-Loop Learning is the first loop uses goals or decision making rules, the second loop enables their modification…

This could also be identified as Locate or Perceive (think swarming tactics or artificial intelligence).

Steps: Think of a construction site where destruction (analysis) and creation (synthesis) take place.

It is our ability to orient our mental models to view reality through an emotionless lens seeking the truth by questioning our own assumptions and deconstructing arguments logically.

It is our ability to identify gaps and uncover what is missing to improve our quality of decisions.

Finally, it is our ability to unravel different strands of significant information through a continuous stream of feedback so that we continuously destroy and create new mental models allowing us to act closer to reality.” – Dr.

Jamie Schwandt I use John Boyd’s OODA Loop as a framework for critical thinking.

Imagine also that you remove the outboard motor from the motorboat, and you are no longer in Florida.

And from the bicycle you remove the handle-bar and discard the rest of the bike.


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