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Faith Hospital is faced with issues that needed attention and the board of directors must be notified of the issues so that a solution can be remedy to help the hospital stay in business.Explain the importance of the following three founding principles to America’s republican form of government, to its society, and to the lives of its citizens 1.

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The principle has generally enabled citizens to exercise their rights and capabilities on both personal and political grounds (Hayek, 1999). Legal equality and equal opportunity To the America’s republican form of government, exercise of legal equality and equal opportunity has portrayed a government system which is free of discrimination in terms of provision of opportunities to its citizens and carrying out of legal actions.

Everyone has equal rights towards all legal aspects and opportunities of the government (Racuhut, 2008).

Separation of powers has also helped the government to monitor and check its officers and hold them responsible for various faults in service delivery.

The checks and balances have enabled the government plan well for its resources and ensure equal and balanced distribution of resources within the States.

It has also given citizens a chance to lead their lives freely without interference and at he same time, freely express their feelings, what they want and what they do not want.

The political freedom has helped citizens by subjecting them to a free and fair political ground where they can vie or choose thir political representatives in an independent manner.The principle of equal opportunity enables citizens to participate equality in any State or societal affair where by each one of them is given equal chances of benefiting from the opportunity.The principle has helped citizens to freely and fairly exercise their legal rights as well as opportunities in place (Racuhut, 2008). Separation of powers, checks and balances p; Separation of powers, checks and balances is a principle which has been of great importance to American republic form of government.Power sharing culture has also been instilled in the society where members have adopted the culture of being responsible, accountable and balancing the resources allocated to them (Racuhut, 2008).The American citizens are the great beneficiaries of this principle since they have been able to access help from authorities without traveling longer distances.Critical Thinking Case Study Chris had just been promoted as an Executive Assistant for Pat the CEO, Chief Executive Officer, of Faith Community Hospital.Pat had given Chris her very first assignment on her first day of work as an executive assistant and that was to gather information so that Pat can present the issues to the board of directors.This Principe has enabled the American society to give equal opportunities for its members in the political arena and in terms of personal expression/conduct (Hayek, 1999).To American citizens, personal freedom has enabled them express their views freely without hesitation or fear.The society has been able to distribute its resources equally and provide equal chances for any opportunities that arise.The society has also benefited by adopting a culture that is democratic, which promotes each and every one’s interests (Racuhut, 2008).


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