Critical Thinking A Level Past Papers

Critical Thinking A Level Past Papers-46
Note: we may anonymously store your score for our own internal research but we will never collect any data which can link scores to individual people. If you’re thinking of heading to Oxford or Cambridge for university, then you’ll need to be prepared to sit the Thinking Skills Assessment.

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However, this doesn’t mean you can just walk in and ace the test on your first attempt!

The TSA focuses less on raw knowledge, and more on skills and understanding.

As previously mentioned, the critical thinking questions will focus on your ability to read and evaluate an argument or area of discussion.

You’ll be provided with a short passage, then you’ll be asked a single question about it.

In this case, it’s answer option B: b) That a system regulated by the government would work better than the privatised model.

This is the correct answer because the passage claims that if the government intervenes and forces rail prices to be lowered, then this will benefit commuters.Here’s an example of a TSA critical thinking question: Rail fares in the UK are too high.Commuters to London from the surrounding area are forced to pay thousands of pounds on season tickets per year, meaning that a significant portion of their yearly salaries are spent on travel.While the TSA is more skills-based than knowledge-based, it’s still entirely possible to prepare for it.In this guide, you will find practice materials for the three main types of question in the TSA: Critical Thinking, Numerical Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning.Alongside the practice questions are answers and explanations, so that you can get a greater understanding of how to answer TSA questions.Critical thinking questions in the TSA test your ability to think critically and evaluate a body of text.The government should force rail companies to lower or freeze the price of their fares for the sake of businesses and commuters.Which of the following is an assumption made by the above argument?Non-verbal or spatial reasoning questions will examine your ability to think both laterally and logically about physical objects, patterns, and three-dimensional space.This question type can manifest in a range of ways.


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