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It is vital that the client is involved in their own care and treatment, not only does this maintain the comfort and dignity of the person, but prevents errors and miscommunication leading to an effective client/nurse relationship.

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The main features of dementia are a decline in memory, ability to learn and understand in a continuing progression.

There are often changes in social behaviour, general motivation and the client’s ability to control their own emotions (Burgess, 2005).

Mental health practitioners find that memory problems and other needs are only the beginning of the process in making a diagnosis.

The doctor is required to check in what ways an individual is not functioning as they would expect.

In relation to communication, the most suitable approach is the use of selective questioning, providing information, respecting personal dignity and being clear so that the client understands (Zimmermann, 1998).

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Patient centred methods of care place demands on nurses because such a method involves responding to the cues from clients in which feelings and emotions are expressed.The reflective account outlines the importance of communication skills in practice where the nurse can be delivering care to individuals with very specific needs that must be attended to with privacy, comfort and dignity for the health and wellbeing of the patient.In the account it is clear that clients with dementia can find communication, mobility, and physical health problems difficult and in managing the care of clients with dementia although challenging, may be overcome through empathic understanding and best practice including evidence based care delivery.The doctor will also want to rule out depression as a cause of the memory problems.If the memory problems are attributed to depression, then treatment using an antidepressant could help substantially (Ramsay et al, 2005). Beyond that the carer requires an understanding of the client’s experience of having a problem or disorder, health and social care needs to be values based as well as evidence based.Dementia is an umbrella term to describe a collection of symptoms that develop in association with a progressive disorder of the brain of which dementia of the Alzheimer’s type is the most common.Other forms of dementia include Lewy body dementia, Pick’s disease and (MID) multi-infarct dementia (Ramsay et al, 2005).These changes vary from a gradual to more sudden onset that varies from individual to individual.In the early stages of dementia memory problems are often the most obvious sign (DH, 2009).Assessments may be carried out at home in order to gain a clearer image of how the client is managing (Ramsay et al, 2005).The doctor will also need to know the client’s medical history including any physical illness and current medication.


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