Criminology Dissertations

Theses (or dissertations as they are sometimes called) are the product of extended independent research by students. 3rd year Capstone projects), and are nearly always a feature of postgraduate research from Master's through to Ph. The dissertation examples below were written by students to help you with your own studies.

However, it is extremely rare for a student to complete a dissertation within such a short time frame.

Most students take a year or longer to complete a dissertation.

The student will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork with the Graduate School for their defense announcement at least two weeks prior to the dissertation defense.

The defense is open to anyone in the University, and students should expect that some strangers might be present.

Houses the research and teaching collections of the former Centre for Criminology Library and is the primary library for teaching support in this subject.

The SSL also holds a core journal collection and material reflecting the research interests of the Centre since it was founded in 1976.

During this session, the group strives to reach consensus regarding the proposal and study methodology.

If the prospectus is approved, the student may move ahead with the study as described, subject to any changes the committee may request.

Once the student has satisfactorily defended the prospectus, the dissertation director, committee members, and dean will sign the Prospectus Defense Form, which will be put in the student’s file.

Students may not proceed with dissertation research until the prospectus has been approved by the committee.


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