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Humanist: when individual holistically integrate all their expressions.

Humanist: when individual holistically integrate all their expressions.

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Creativity is a process thrugh which you express yourself/ re-invent yourself/ develope new ideas & new ways of thining! Having the ability to take inanimateobjectsor ideas& makethem into something special.

One's ability to express who they arethrouh an unpredictable medium.

Which not only will help them make it through school, but will also help them later in life when they join the work force.

Another reason that creativity and play are not included more into the American education system is because people still believe that “play is frivolous” and do not fully understand what creativity is.

On the other hand, it's the school’s one and only responsibility is to educate the child. '(American Journal implement ideas that have grabbed the world's attention. As a Disney cast member (Cast member is what Disney refers too all its employee's.) All Disney cast members work in an environment where innovation, design, creativity are an asset to them and the company, a company that wants all its cast members to be innovative and creative.

As Father Flanagan, the priest of the catholic church once said, ¨It is the parents responsibility to develop their [child’s] character.” The schools only goal is to instill an educated in the student, not to form their character. creativity must go beyond the bounds of what already is known or deductible by reason . Defined In today's business world, words like innovation, design, and creativity principle on which we educate our children.

Being creativeistaking the things around you that are availableforallbut taking something unique from it.

The ability to come up with and express unique ideas of your own. The ability to imagine what you cannot or have not ever seen. Creativity is the act of combining old ideas in new ways, or by some other method of developing new ideas to express oneself or develop/build new inovativetechnology.

Creativity is expressing yourself through art, music, or athletics in a unique way that is specifically you. Not needing to lookup creativity in the dictionary to be able to define it -or-[ The use of imagination or origional ideas, esp.

in the production of an artistic work.]Creativity is the ability to realize an atypical vision in an unorthodox way.


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