Creative Writing Websites For Teenagers

Creative Writing Websites For Teenagers-26
By profession, she is a social media marketing and online branding strategist with experience exceeding 5 years in related fields. A writer's toolbox is filled with gadgets and gizmos that help a writer craft a story when he or she cannot do it alone.

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There are literal writers' toolboxes filled with assorted caffeinated beverages, napkins with plot outlines scribbled on them, and USB devices with novels backed up on them, and then there are metaphorical writers' toolboxes packed with character tics, favorite quotes, and—you guessed it—writing websites!

Writing websites are excellent resources to stash away in your toolbox (or browser bookmarks) to whip out in times of absolute distress (e.g., an existential crisis), piled-up excuses (i.e., writer's block), or uncertainty about the stages of writing (e.g., the publishing process).

They design games by age group and skills allowing kids to search for the games that suit their expertise and interest.

PBS has designed over 40 cross-platform games for age group of 2-8 to build their analytical skills. Com is a free tool for students to explore and express their creativity through writing and make distinct comic strips.

They have already achieved 4.5 stars for promoting fun, education and commercial-free activities. Com (Cyberteens) Cyber Teens is an online community for teenagers with the features of chatting with friends, playing myriad of games, painting, creating Flash and Shockwave, writing poetry, reading fiction as well as non-fictions, composing music, watching celebrity interviews, movie and reading product reviews, and many more. Com is completely dedicated to kids targeting the age group of 4 to 12. Com provides kids with over a dozen printable sheets so that they cut them out, color them with crayons, and glued to make things like crown, a semi-3 dimensional Easter basket, paper doll chain cutout, place mats, and other ornamental and creative creations.

Concisely, Kids and Teens get exposure here to see and explore the world. It encourages children’s creativity and assists them in crafting different gifts and completing Science projects with their parents assistance. It helps them explore themselves and their skills; and helps them learn the color recognition and combinations, eye and hand coordination, planning the entire process and more. Com ( Family Fun) Disney Family Fun is a great resource of everything from perfect planning of parties, occasions, volunteering family travels, decorating kid’s rooms, and Recipes of different yummy delicious foods & Other Ideas for Kids as well as Parents for family fun.

Funbrain, founded in 1997, was created for preschool kids.

It gives them access of more than 100 interactive games that teach them tricks of solving complicated math problems andy help them develop skills to face the real life situations and solve them head on.

Here you can play with sprites made by you using the drawing tool or built-in sprites and even you can change their looks as well as costumes.

Scratch employs the programming statements such as “if/then”-clauses, “repeat/until” constructs, loops and many more. Org/arthur/games/crankitup (Make music) All ages On PBS Kids platform, kids enjoy music from their favorite characters that they watch them on TV shows such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Teletubbies, Reading Rainbow, and Sesame Street. PBS is widely famous among kids and provides them with a variety of activities to help them learn, explore and grow.


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