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The beauty of this is that it pushes students to go above and beyond their previous understanding of what they believed themselves to be capable of.

Courses include American poetry, contemporary poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, memoir and personal essays, and contemporary short stories.

Creative writing majors study the works of Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Sylvia Plath, and of course, write. You’ll also learn how to analyze the work of other writers in your classes, and submit your own original work to peers for review in writer’s workshops.

USC has so many perks and resources and I highly recommend getting involved whether it be sports or clubs! From amazing academics to contagious school spirit, I have loved my first year at Michigan. So far, I love everything about Johns Hopkins University.

My professors have been very attentive and answer all my questions quickly, the work is very relevant and there are so many resources to help me.

Specifically for the Mailman School of Public Health, they require all students to fulfill the Self, Social, and Global Awareness course that evaluates the self and how it fits into societal constructs so that students are prepared to go forth courageously in their social justice work.

The Mailman school also invites students to engage in their Grand Rounds where all medical school students share their work and ideas to create a more thought-provoking environment.There are so many chances to do great things at MIT, even as an undergrad!Brown University has been an incredible experience and has allowed me to pursue passions that I wasn't even aware I was interested in!Through their active communication and care in students' academic lives, professors are engaged and ready to help their students succeed in their ideological pursuits.Moreover, the Health and Wellness Center approaches health from a holistic perspective, offering mental health services such as therapy sessions, acupuncture, pet therapy day, snacks, and more.While many creative writing majors don’t immediately make a living (if at all) from their personal prose, their skills transfer to real-world jobs in editing, publishing, journalism and advertising. Also good to know if you’re serious about being a writer: About two-thirds of writers are self-employed.Some graduates with creative writing degrees opt to pursue a master’s of fine arts (actor James Franco is one) to further hone their craft.Northwestern is a well-balanced school--top notch academics, great arts programs, amazing engineering and science facilities, in a minor city (Evanston) and very close to a major one (Chicago), and even a bit of sports culture.NU students tend to be fun-loving, driven and ambitious, both in their academic and extra-curricular pursuits.Because it is a private school with lots of appeal in the heart of Los Angeles, it does attract a fair share of ignorant, privileged people.However, you can definitely find genuine people, just keep looking and being you! This is not only in a classroom setting, but it is in every aspect of their lives. Although a large school, the administration truly cares about every student, and there are countless numbers of resources available to help with anything one may need. There are so many different types of people, clubs, and parties, so everyone can find something they like. I am a first year graduate student in their online Museum Studies program.


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