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My students are enthusiastic to begin their new creative writing assignments because I use writing templates that have unique shapes and combine them with fun writing topics.

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Instead, engage your students by providing them with creative writing activities that build their writing skills in a fun and challenging way!

As teachers, we frequently call our writing lessons "creative writing," but it is often a challenge to inspire our students to write their own stories, poems, and share their feelings and opinions on paper.

They will connect to literacy through classic stories like the *Three Little Pigs* and *The Very Hungry Caterpillar.* Come one, come all!

In this lesson, reading and writing are intertwined as students determine a character's traits from the character's actions.

In addition, my creative writing assignments focus on the writing process.

My students are required to write, edit, and revise their first drafts before they write and publish the final drafts of their creative writing projects.Give your students an introduction to types of story hooks as they compose original story beginnings the help of a word bank. Help your second graders hook their readers as they practice writing new and improved introductions to well-loved fictional stories in this fun writing lesson.This can be a stand-alone lesson or a support lesson for the Capture That Reader! Natural landmarks are a source of wonder and fascination, and they encourage people’s imaginations.These finished creative writing projects will make dynamic bulletin board displays of your students' work that they will be proud of.My writing templates are unique in shape, but simple in supplies!This neat writing lesson features *The Very Hungry Caterpillar* by Eric Carle, seashells, and tons of creative storytelling fun.Easter is a special holiday for many families, and kids enjoy traditions such as decorating their Easter eggs.Reading extends into creative writing as students imagine what a character might do next. Your students will learn academic vocabulary and add their own conclusion to a short story.Use this as a stand-alone lesson or as an introduction to the Write Your Own Ending lesson plan.Teach your students to use strong descriptive language in their creative writing with this holiday lesson plan!Do your students look like this student when you assign them a new creative writing activity?


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