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Weekly readings and writing exercises are designed to encourage students to explore the material and styles that most interest them, and to push their fiction to a new level of craft, so that over the semester their writing becomes clearer, more controlled, and more absorbing.In this course students will learn to "read like a writer," while grappling with the work of accomplished poets, and providing substantive commentary on peers' work.This course is the culminating experience in the major and may count as the fourth course of the creative writing concentration.

2019-20 Creative Writing Director: Jeffrey Sharlet “Dartmouth’s capacity to advance its dual mission of education and research depends upon the full diversity and inclusivity of this community.

We must increase diversity, particularly among our faculty and staff.

This course is for students who wish to experiment with three genres of creative writing: short fiction, poetry and drama, and techniques specific to each of them.

Priority will be given to interested first- and second-year students; additional spaces will be made available to upper-year students with little or no experience in creative writing.

Using the information-gathering tools of a journalist, the analytical tools of an essayist and the technical tools of a prose writer, students will study contemporary and historical radio and podcasts in the interest of creating their own pieces.

The central focus of the course will be weekly visits from current radio writers, producers and on-air personalities, including local and national NPR producers, commentators and reporters.An introduction to playwriting through a combination of reading assignments, writing exercises, discussions about craft and ultimately the creation of a complete one-act play.Students will work to discover and develop their own unique voices as they learn the technical aspects of the craft of playwriting.Students who are approved for Honors work will be paired with an advisor from Creative Writing and, over the course of two terms, will work toward the successful completion of a manuscript-length body of work.During the first term of Honors work, the student will enroll in CRWT 98.Students will discuss strategies for conveying the literal meaning of a poem (e.g., through sensory description and clear, compelling language) and the concealed meaning of a text (e.g., through metaphor, imagery, meter, irony, and shifts in diction and syntax).By the end of the course, students will have generated new material, shaped and revised draft poems, and significantly grown as writers by experimenting with various aspects of craft.Half of class time will be spent discussing student work and half will be spent discussing syllabus readings.This course will explore the craft of writing for audio sources by focusing on the skills, process and techniques necessary to the generation and production of radio and podcast pieces.This page displays the schedule of Bryn Mawr courses in this department for this academic year.It also displays descriptions of courses offered by the department during the last four academic years.


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