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You can specifically show the same hand, so the reader has seen it before and understands the stakes of that particular strategy. The goal is to make your environment feel "natural", not to show how inventive and clever you are with one particular element which often backfires if it's non-essential.

If the game is simple, readers should grow an idea of the rules and obstacles just through casual conversation.

My personal favorite is to rewrite old & traditional stories with a new perspective.

As children, all of us heard our parents reading the evergreen turtle & hare story to us for bedtime; the rabbit would always end up losing because of his haughty & arrogant personality.

Sounds pretty whacked as it is, but that is where the real fun lies; in developing a story between words that have no apparent connection.

This is where all those creative writing lessons will come in to play.

The rabbit takes off like a lightning bolt yet again but when he looks behind him after reaching the half-point, he sees no turtle there. And to his awe, the turtle swims by him so conveniently that he makes it all seem effortless as he crosses the finish line swimming on his back.

This is just a small example of the kind of creative writing stories & creative writing projects that an individual can expect to be assigned as part of creative writing courses.

As soon as the race starts the rabbit takes off like a flash, leaping through the bushes like they don’t even exist.

However, for our dear friend turtle, the bushes prove to be a great hindrance and he eventually ends up losing the contest.


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