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Over the last few years, Dave's worked with lots of individuals and organisations to help them boost their creativity.That's not limited to idea-generation techniques and workshops.Vladimir Vulic, Program Director, Dave is one of the most original speakers I've ever seen.

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Some of the topics he customises for each talk include: Dave's value-adding thinking and content goes far beyond what he can deliver in a keynote.He draws on academic research, years of hands-on experience and the thinking outlined in his books.His content is suitable for every organisation that understands it needs fresh ideas to stay relevant.Dave has an entire set of tools, frameworks and years of experience supporting leaders and cultures consistently to come up with great ideas.Hear how he does it and where thinking different will do more than illuminate a lightbulb over your head.I'm full of passion, flying in many different directions.Sure, there'll be plenty of mistakes, but at least they'll be big.Rockstar on stage, he is brutally honest and shares amazing insights on all sides of creativity.We were a tough crowd to please and he got standing ovations!Dave's energetic and entertaining talks are mesmerising; packed full of stories, case-studies, practical know-how and even musical jams that deliver tangible take-aways.With a focus on demystifying creativity and innovation, he debunks myths, explains how we come up with valuable ideas and offers practical advice.


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