Corporal Punishment Essay Outline

Thus, it was evident that a simple threat of corporal punishment was sufficient to deter the possibility of people committing certain offenses.Therefore, if people can use corporal punishment to discipline the offenders the society can have less law violators than when other forms of punishments are applicable because many people fear pain inflicted in the body.

Secondly, corporal punishment can also help many states reduce expenses incurred in maintaining jails and this money can be applicable in developing other sectors.

In the current forms of punishments, courts sentence many offenders to jail and spend a given amount of time behind bars depending on the intensity of the offense.

When offenders are in jails, they suffer emotionally from boredom and frustrations a situation that can result in depression thus destroying the entire life of the offender.

Furthermore, the families where some of the offenders go ...

This issue raises a huge concern for the wellbeing of the children or young adults which is why discussing it with the help of research facts and valid reasons remains highly important.

Corporal punishment is basically about deliberate infliction of pain on the students by the supervisors or teachers in response to any offensive action taken by them as a way of restraining bad behavior.

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Corporal Punishment Teacher Corporal Punishment According to the National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools, or the NCACPS, the term “corporal punishment” refers to the “physical pain inflicted on the body of a child as a penalty for disapproved behavior” (Dupper & Dingus, 2008).

However, practically speaking, it refers to the violent way of hitting, spanking, punching, paddling and many other physical ways of carrying out a punishment on a child who is considered disobedient.


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