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Most religious experts assume that killing is wrong since it ends the life that the maker intended to live and fulfil its purpose on earth.However, some people believe that abortion is right provided it is done......

Arguable, a woman has autonomy as to whether or not to let the fetus use her body but on the other end, the fetus also has the right to be born.

These contrasting rights lead to several arguments regarding the issue.

While photographic paintings and other performances that are aesthetically applauded are generally considered acceptable and commendable, those that portray the other side of beauty usually attract the attention of critics.

Sometimes, it could be considered that what makes a modern artwork successful is the lunacy expressed in it that generally draws criticisms, consequently making an artwork famous, although not in a positive way.

They also argue that fetus is a human entity and it deserves all the humanitarian considerations and treatments.

At the same time, many others believe that the life of a woman is more important than the life of an embryo.In other words, if abortions were not allowed legally, the tax payer’s money will be utilized more for the treatment and rehabilitation of the mothers who conceived unintentionally.It should be noted that the unintentional pregnancies may create lot of physical and psychological problems to the mother.In their opinion, an embryo cannot be considered as a human and therefore there is no point in arguing for the human rights of an embryo.They also point out that sustaining of unintended pregnancies, not only cost the federal government more, but also it can affect the physical and psychological health of the mother.Britain has long been the ideal choice of immigrants coming into the European Union. Illegal Immigration Introduction Immigration can be defined as the migration of people across national borders.This plan has demonstrated to be very controversial as other less attractive countries do not want the added cost it will sustain if asylum seekers and immigrants were dispersed more fairly across Europe. This movement whether a fetus deserves protection or not.Since the woman has the right over her body, she has the right not to allow the fetus to use her body.According to Boonin, David (2003), aborting the fetus is permissible in some circumstances even if the fetus has a right to life.It is difficult for the teenagers to think in terms of the future consequences while they engage in sexual activities. Ethical Controversial About the Abortion Abortion is the most complex and controversial issue in today’s society.Due tothe severity of it and moral elements involved, there has been a need for its absolute prohibition.


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