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Students may be able to take this topic or idea and write a term paper on it if they are able to develop the topic or idea well.Students may also be able to look at previously written reports on similar topics.

They explain how to research, select, and finalize the perfect topic.

(Please note that the writers sometimes use "topic" synonymously with "subject," "problem," "question," and/or "prompt.") A good research paper topic is compelling, complex, and closely related to the course of study for which the article is being composed.

There are an infinite number of good research paper topics.

This is because every report topic can be transformed into a good research paper problem/question/prompt with a few steps of revision.

Asking "why," "how," "because why," and "what" will eventually turn all topics into good research paper topics.

Regardless of the course in which a student is enrolled, he/she will have to write a term paper on a subject related to that course.

For instance, if a student wanted to write a paper on the American Civil War for a history course, the general subject of interest is the American Civil War.

Now, the student must begin interrogating both himself and the subject to transform it into a good research paper topic.

By adding some specificity and curiosity, the topic becomes "why schizophrenia is more likely to occur in young men, and what causes it." This is a good research paper topic because it is a topic that asks to be explored.

To add specificity and curiosity to any report topic requires asking a series of interested questions.


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