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These small manually calculated devices over time evolved into the calculators developed in Japan in 1969, which were then used by Ted Hoff to produce a ‘soft-wired’ circuit, better known as a computer chip.Before and even more so after this invention, companies and government alike were delving into the science, designing computers that were specifically designed for a single task or few tasks which signaled the need for the computer.This organization can increase student potential in engineering by developing theories and applications as well as give the students an early experience to engineering.

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The definition of what the archetype and function of a computer is a monitor, keyboard, processor and its other electronic components; however, that is not how things have always been.

Computers have been around for quite some time and were developed over many years with contributions from philosophers, inventors, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, technicians, visionaries, and scholars.

I have, therefore decided to pursue MS in Electrical And Computer Engineering as a career/vocation.

I have been actively involved in the surveillance of individuals these days and most of the surveillance is now via electronic records.

Also appearing in the third-gen computers was the operating systems, much less compatible than what we know today.

These OS made machines able to run several tasks at once.

These two potential career choices are based on I, Sujit Reddy Thumma, am applying to the Master of Science (with Thesis) program at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech.

My specialization interest is inclined towards areas of Energy efficient Mobile Computing, Operating Systems, and Hardware/Software co-design. In computer A fascination for Science & Technology and keen interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up engineering.

Many other engineering disciplines have specific definition but there are some concerns in software engineering about its concrete knowledge.

Two different approaches appear in According to The Career Cornerstone Center, a corporation that manages this resource for those exploring career paths in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine, computer engineers “research, design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacture and installation of computer hardware, including computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment such as keyboards, routers, and printers.” According to Williams Olmedo up-to-date software developments (Computer Hardware Engineers 2). To become a computer engineer, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science.


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