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Components Of Business Environment Essay-10
With passage of time international business is started all over the world especially in United State.(Czinkota et al., 1999) The international business brings countries together. It exchanges the ideas, information, service, and capital across the country’s borders.This results in best used of human capital increases employee opportunity.

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J4) without the stability the country well be in depression.

And their well be no social security, health care, education, defence, infrastructure, law and protective services, low GDP, GNI, AND PPP (Purchasing, Power, and Parity ), price fluctuation, un-stable exchange rate, high rate of taxes, no leadership, no culture values, no innovation, no technology, financial position of the countries will be week, and have no capital market.

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Book0)Business mean to busy in an activity, which are related to money almost business have 50% chances of profit and losses.(Morrison, j.

2002)Business is operated in every part of the world. It is looking for new opportunities across the border.(Considering risk in international business) Business has no idea about the local risk.It’s difficult to operate and manage in such condition where the Culture, Social, Economic, Political, and legal structure are not stable.And it carried out in wholly owned, joint venture, licensing, franchising and management contracts” Book4) International business experiences some difficulties when they operate in other countries.J1) Stability is very important for the human life.(Mc Culloch, C.1999)International business is started as with the formation of first national borders.Greek started such activity before the Christ follow by the British in 1600 when they establish the East India Company throughout the Asian as trading firm.These factor decreases profit ratio of international investment.There are no specific criteria to measure such in-stability. Uncertain condition of country make easy for international business to design their own stability criteria.International business is the term use for the operation and objective of the organisation that have interest in other countries.For example Tesco, Ford, General Motor, Mc Donald, Disney, so many other companies.


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