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Another difference basketball and volleyball have is the time limit they are played in, and the plays that the players run. For there to be a winner, one team must win two out of three games.There is no time limit and no set plays for volleyball, the games are simply played until one team gets 25 points, but they have to win by at least two points or the game will continue until that is achieved.If the teams continue to tie, the game will continue into double overtime and onwards until one team ends the time with more points.

Another similarity that these two sports have in common is hard work and dedication.

In both sports, with all the players working hard in practice, it will make the games easier and the players more aware of what is going on.

With hard work in the games it will lead to more victories, which is another thing I have experienced in all my years of playing basketball.

My team worked as hard as they could in both practice and games, and that season we went on to win the city league title, which happened to be my senior year in high school.

Without communication, volleyball players could dive onto each other, run head/full body into each other or one player could think that another player has the ball when its coming down but doesn’t get it, because they, the other player was thinking the exact same thing.

Basketball on the other hand, if teammates don’t have communication, the game could turn into a four on three situation.

Basketball and Volleyball have many differences, such as how many players are on the court and how many positions are played.

Basketball is played with five players on the court, all with a different position.

Volleyball has 6 players and only two main positions.

The positions in volleyball are the spikier and the setter and the six players on the court rotate through playing the positions.


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