Comparing Tom And Gatsby Essay

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Furthermore, these pairings help teachers get you to explore some of the novel’s larger themes.

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Please write five paragraphs essay, do not provide a summary. Given the extremely negative light in which Tom is portrayed throughout the novel, why might Daisy choose to remain with him instead of leaving him for Gatsby?

It’s a lifesaver when gathering relevant quotes for an essay! ” We are focusing on these specific pairings because they are by far the most commonly asked about pairs in essay prompts and discussion topics for .

) Before we dig into the analysis, you might be wondering: “why are we only comparing characters of the same gender? And we want this guide, first and foremost, to be helpful to students as you work on assignments involving Gatsby!

Make sure to explain how and why the quote demonstrates a key similarity or difference, and what that means for your bigger argument.

Don’t just list differences and similarities without an overarching argument.For example, don’t say “Tom is selfish while Gatsby cares about others.” Prove those two separate claims (Tom is selfish” and “Gatsby cares about others”) with relevant lines from the book.(And if you’re having a hard time locating good quotes, find a digital version of Gatsby you can search using the CTRL-F function.When Gatsby gained knowledge about this, he made Nick a good friend in order to get information about her.Gatsby asked Nick to invite Daisy for tea and only did that so that Tom would let go of her, and their meeting will be justified. Although you can definitely start brainstorming by making a list of similarities and differences, just presenting that list in essay form won’t get you a good grade, since you need to go deeper and explain what the similarities/differences suggest about the novel as a whole.And, on the other side, don’t make big claims without some evidence from the text to back them up.) Make sure to address your larger argument in each body paragraph as you draw out the similarities and differences between the two characters.Don’t get caught in the weeds as you tease out the many differences and similarities in each character pair. Finally, analyze each quote you use – in other words, don’t stick a quote in your essay and do nothing with it.Comparing Daisy/Myrtle or Daisy/Jordan can help you explore the changing status of women during the 1920s.Comparing Tom and Gatsby can get at the old money/new money divide.


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