Compare And Contrast Online Classes With Traditional Classes Essay

Nonetheless, this can only be achieved by ensuring commitment by all the partners, and increasing the amount of capital remitted to the commercial banks by the central government so as to increase the financial and capital base of the banks.With that in mind, the nation’s Gross Domestic product will appreciably increase, whilst the unemployment and inflation rates will...... Online Learning For most people, the concept of learning is closely associated with ideas of intensive training, lecturing and the development of memorization tricks that will enable one to retain information long enough to pass the next test.Compared with an online course, a course taken in a classroom with a teacher requires more complex interaction including but not limited to verbal communications.

In traditional courses, there is obviously face-to-face interaction, but there can also be face-to-face interaction in online courses, too.

Students can chat with each other via Skype so that they can watch each other on the computer screen while talking to each other. a Traditional Course In online settings, there are risks that: students are not necessarily held accountable for not turning in their work; there is no personal connection to a teacher who is never seen; and there is not a personal, face-to-face interaction with the other students in real time.

Communication on online education is very different from the way it is in traditional education. Comparison of Online and Traditional Alexander Calderon White English 101 Comparison of Online and Traditional Courses can be divided into two types namely online courses and traditional courses depending upon the medium through which education takes place.

Online courses are conducted through internet while traditional courses are conducted in schools.

Boradbent (2002) identifies these forms of learning as mere input devices intended to coerce students into remembering the data they’ve been fed.

To me, though, learning is something more than the information I’ve been given.

One of the key benefits that have been derived from the evolution of the internet is online education.

Online education is a term used to refer to the process of attaining knowledge, skills and ability over the internet.

All learning materials are online and it is easier to access books and other academic materials online.

This saves a lot of time traveling to physical libraries, which sometimes do not have the necessary learning materials.


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