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Despite its unpopularity, the Rump was a link with the old constitution and helped to settle England down and make it secure after the biggest upheaval in its history.By 1653, France and Spain had recognised England's new government.Though the Church of England was retained, episcopacy was suppressed and the Act of Uniformity 1558 was repealed in September 1650.

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There were many disagreements amongst factions of the Rump.

Some wanted a republic, but others favoured retaining some type of monarchical government.

The term Commonwealth is sometimes used for the whole of 1649 to 1660 – called by some the Interregnum – although for other historians, the use of the term is limited to the years prior to Cromwell's formal assumption of power in 1653.

In retrospect, the period of republican rule for England was a failure in the short term.

Besides resounding victories in the English Civil War, the reformed Navy under the command of Robert Blake defeated the Dutch in the First Anglo-Dutch War which established English domination of the seas.

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In Ireland, the Commonwealth period is remembered unkindly for Cromwell's brutal subjugation of the Irish, which continued the policies of the Tudor and Stuart periods.After the execution of Charles I, the House of Commons abolished the monarchy and the House of Lords.It declared the people of England "and of all the Dominions and Territories thereunto belonging" to be henceforth under the governance of a "Commonwealth", effectively a republic.During the 11 year period, no stable government was established to rule the English state for longer than a few months at a time.Several administrative structures were tried, and several Parliaments called and seated, but little in the way of meaningful, lasting legislation was passed.Still, the memory of the Parliamentarian cause was long, and memories of the Good Old Cause would carry through English politics and eventually result in the modern democratic model of the constitutional monarchy.The Commonwealth period is better remembered for the military success of Thomas Fairfax, Oliver Cromwell, and the New Model Army.Power in the early Commonwealth was vested primarily in the Parliament and a Council of State.During the period, fighting continued, particularly in Ireland and Scotland, between the parliamentary forces and those opposed to them, as part of what is now referred to as the Third English Civil War.Most of England's traditional ruling classes regarded the Rump as an illegal government made up of regicides and upstarts.However, they were also aware that the Rump might be all that stood in the way of an outright military dictatorship.


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